Donate Crypto to Help Children 

We are proud to announce that UNICEF New Zealand can now accept your donations made in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDC, and Litecoin.

We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and USDC via Coinbase checkout and is the preferred way of giving. 

We recommend you to donate via coinbase checkout to support our 'The Greatest Need Appeal', where the donations are converted into fiat to help children across the globe.

Donation to Crypto Fund

If you wish to support UNICEF crypto fund, please donate here (preferred). However, If you wish to donate directly to our wallet, you may use the address below:

  • Bitcoin - 1Nh3qubBkmmFYM6tuYPD7UvCN5KS1g8LPE
  • Ether - 0xbf069d1838FD4bf716bb8fA6BE230A2c516857D8
  • Bitcoin Cash - qrk7mf6q4ahtcq9y6dmyd2nn55e43nn6zvs25zn9hx
  • USD PAX - 0xbf069d1838FD4bf716bb8fA6BE230A2c516857D8

All donations made to the wallets above will go to the UNICEF Innovation Fund, which supports open-source technologies that will further our mission of helping children and young people around the world

Application Integrations

If you are building a blockchain application that would allow you or your users to support children all over the world, contact us or send an email at We would love to hear about it!
** Other address BCH  - qzr69n5ah4mx008nl8cfxmcy4pmdffexusspnrac8n (Please use the one above).