You may have seen some of our fundraisers out and about in their bright blue jackets on the streets of New Zealand. Our fundraisers are paid employees of UNICEF NZ.

See a list of current Street Fundraising staff 

As a charity we rely on voluntary donations, so street fundraising is a crucial part of how we fund our long-term development work for children, such as providing clean water and vaccines. Donations also go to important campaigning work to improve the lives of children here in New Zealand.

Street fundraising is the most cost effective way for us to raise money while giving us the chance to talk to people about UNICEF’s work for children. We know the public require charities to raise funds efficiently.

Our supporters tell us they value the opportunity to have an engaging conversation with our fundraisers who are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about UNICEF. We are grateful to the many New Zealanders who engage with our fundraisers every day and support our work for children around the world by becoming Global Parents or Emergency Partners.

Occasionally members of the public and school groups will undertake fundraising activity to raise money for UNICEF NZ. This often happens outside supermarkets, shopping centres or other public spaces. If you have any concerns about a fundraising activity please contact us at

Thanks for your interest and support for UNICEF’s work helping children around the world to survive and thrive.